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     Our goal is to bring understanding to the next generation of Jewish people about their heritage and culture through the invaluable tool of learning through the arts. This is accomplished by incorporating unique, custom-designed workshops and kits that enrich and broaden the learning experience for every individual. Each workshop emphasizes the importance of the process and the fun of creating, as much as the final piece of art work that will undoubtedly become a family heirloom, to be proudly used and displayed for years to come.

     These Jewish focused Art Workshops and "do-it-yourself" kits are the culmination of nearly 30 years of teaching experience in both Israel and America.

     Following the Jewish calendar and holidays, the workshops and kits are ideal for year-round projects. Every workshop can be comfortably completed within one hour and 45 minutes, which makes them well suited for Hebrew schools, outstanding family educational activities, youth group programs at synagogues and temples, specialized retreats for both students and teachers, as well as "at-home" family education.

     Our workshops and kits have brought knowledge and excitement to thousands of Jewish children and adults. We continually strive to bring the Ultimate of this unique Jewish educational program to each and everyone through the satisfaction of learning through the arts.

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