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How to use the Virtual Yad Maker:

Below is a program where you can virtually create your own custom Yad. You can experiment with many combinations before you submit, so please be creative and have fun. In order to build your Yad, use your mouse and click on the bead you would like to add. Beads are added in the order you click, and are added from right to left, the same direction that the Hebrew language is written. In order to remove beads, please use one of the provided buttons. You can either click "remove last" which will remove one bead, or you can click "remove all" which will remove every bead so you can start from the beginning. In order to complete your Yad, you must add enough beads to fill the entire length between both ends. A little space at the very end is acceptable, if there is too much space when you try to submit an error message will appear to tell you that your Yad is not complete, either add more beads, or remove some beads and add other beads to make a full Yad.

When you are done creating your Yad, please hit submit. This will take you to the payment page. You can either pay online with e-check, credit card, or regular PayPal account. You can also pay by money order or check. After your payment has been received your real Yad will be sent to you fully assembled in a beautiful display box.


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